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Welcome to our clinic for complementary medicine / homoeopathy /homeopathy in Munich-Schwabing


We are a private clinic, proud to offer you medicine that is to a maximal extent effective, yet free of side effects.


During our work for around twenty years in hospitals and in clinic, using the standard methods taught at university, we have seen so many bad side effects that we started searching for other possibilities. We visited lectures and courses, read a lot, tried some things, sometimes successful, sometimes not, but always aiming at doing the best for all the ill people, finally we think with complementary medicine, especially homoeopathy, we got the best solution for our patients.

Here a list of disorders which can be treated by Homoeopathy,

and a list of homoeopathic pharmacies in U.K.


Address and contact of our surgery:

Baubergerstrasse 16 a (just behind the Bauberger-Apotheke),

80992 München-Schwabing

Phone:: 089-140 19 55

Fax: 089-140 47 85

Email: doc16a (at) gmail.com (Hans Sperber)   or

kljuergens (at) aol.com (Dr. Jürgens)


Plan from Google Maps with way from the S-Bahnhof Schwabing station (A) to the clinic (B):


Lage in Google Maps


Beverage or drug :
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